Monday, May 14, 2012

Seven days

In a mere seven days I will be a retired racer.  It doesn't look like I will hear positively from the Hood-to-Coast folks, so this is it. My final race.  And taking a page from my friend, I have already picked out my "outfit" for the race.  I ran my very first race in a kilt, and I see no reason to not run my very last race in one.  As for my shirt, well, that was actually very simple, this is the inaugural Pikermi in Portland for the Rock and Roll series, so I will be wearing my Charter Member Team Pikermi shirt.  That's it..there is my outfit. Socks and shoes, of course, but hey, I'm a dude and I don't need too much beyond that.  I am completely not ready for the distance, I am gonna be slower than molasses running uphill in January in Alaska, but I'm gonna do it.  I signed up for it back in May...May 1 at 1:45 am to be exact, well over a year ago.  Before all the wheels on my cart fell off, before all sorts of things happened.  Things that have helped bring me to here...the end.  I will have but one more post after this, unless the HtC thing comes to seven days, I will fade into the recesses of your minds and become a distant memory.  I already have for many of the "34 followers" listed on the right.  Thanks to Google Analytics, I can honestly say, I am down to 14 people that read this site whenever I post anything new.  I appreciate your readership, and your support---even if none of the 15 people that read it liked my poem. 

seven days to the
end of my journey as a
running blogger.....peace



    Enough said brother!

    1. Yup...I have scheduled the appointment...late May, early June.

    2. That dont take old mudders like us anymore.

  2. We are pretty much going to be two coolest people there that day! I mean that's just a given.

  3. I am so so out of the loop. I don't know why you're not racing anymore. I hope the race went well and you loved it. x0x0x0x

  4. I'm out of the loop too! I just started blogging again last week after a YEAR off so I am looking thru the running blogs I used to keep up with...I'll have to go read your old posts now!